A downloadable game for Windows

Created for the Optical Jam. I wen't with a rather literal interpretation of the prompt I think?

Play as one of two dragons, having to rescue the other from a spirit intent on using their body as the basis of a corporeal avatar. This spirit has transferred the brain of the kipnapped dragon into an enchanted hourglass - It cannot be turned over, slowly emptying the upper half. Time is of the essence (not really right now, but what do you expect in 7 days?)

I intend to expand the game beyond what I did during the jam, so please leave some feedback.


-Two(!) dragons

-An hourglass that drips blood

-Really spiffy fire animations

-Two levels (sort of)

-One "boss fight"

-Some audio

Some procrastination aided in the thing being as unfinished as is. It wouldn't have had much more added for the jam, but what is there would be a bit more polished and the second level was rather hastily constructed.

I don't know how to have GMS2 export to anything other than Windows, so sorry for that.

Install instructions

The thing is a ZIP. There should be a thing called "Bloodglass.exe" in there. Put all the things in the ZIP and put them wherever you want but someplace where you can find it. Double click that .exe thing. You don't need to worry about data.win but don't get rid of it either.


Bloodglass 3 MB
Bloodglass with source files 12 MB

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