A downloadable game for Windows

Wander into the Cave Of Questioning. Try and figure out what's going on.

Hello! This is a game I made for the QRM jam / Queerly Represent Me's jam / "Queerly Representing the Underrepresented" (which seems to be the actual jam's name. It is based on dialogue I've had with friends since a short while. It's been less than a month ago that this stuff really started for me, and it's rather personal. I don't really know if I should refer to the player character as "you" or "me" as a result.

Walk around the cave and talk to the people there. Maybe they can help {you? me?} figure out what is going on.


Since I've not figured all this stuff out yet I have no idea what this (and I) exactly falls under. There's intimate/lewd-ish stuff in this. I hope you don't mind. As is usual with jams this is unfinished, and also doesn't have as much *stuff* as I'd have liked. I did miss out on 2 of the jam's days. There's not much in the way of placeholders until you get to the post-convo options. Otherwise it's quite obvious the cave doesn't look much like a cave so far.

The controls are explained in-game (and if you have trouble reading that text, the rest of the game is probably not going to fare well either) but regardless here they are again:

WASD/ZQSD - move

F - talk to NPCs

G - end conversation

Space - switch sex

M - mute what little sound is there

N - switch between QWERTY and AZERTY keyboard modes (game starts in WASD)

R - reset game

Thanks to GMS2's way of doing distribution (need a machine running the target OS for Linux or Mac. HTML5 export is prohibitively expensive for me) I can only offer a Windows build, but I also have uploaded the entire project source.

Please enjoy this, in whatever way you do. Also let me know if you have any opinions.


CaveOfQuestioning.zip 2 MB
Cavebat.zip - source code 632 kB


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While there are some unfinished things, as you pointed out, I felt the game to be a... Personal and interesting experience? I don't want to seem shallow or maybe overstep too much so I'll just say I definitely liked it, it's well made and good luck with your journey wherever it may take you.